Friday, January 09, 2009

Rooks, rills, and the healing garb

One of my [many] favorite past-times while home (especially during the holidays), is to re-read old books. This year, I'd been particularly excited to unearth my old Farley Mowat Reader. I think I first read Farley Mowat in third grade, thanks to my teacher, who was from Rhode Island. I'm uncertain where she came across this fantastic Saskatchewan author, but I'm sure glad she did. My colleague from Saskatoon says that everyone up there reads Farley Mowat, but further south, he's more of a delicacy than a household name. This break, I enjoyed reading about Mowat's old dog, Mutt, and their family drives across Canada, and about the ocean and his father's love for it. In one tale, he spends the summer with his uncle collecting birds' eggs in the arctic. The descriptions of their long train ride north and their rustic living conditions are really exciting. They inspire the reader to don heavy mittens and march out into the cold. Which is a good feeling.

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