Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I've flown to Beirut twice in my husband's space machine."

Last night, I half-watched Pierrot le fou to break the silence while I ate dinner and began catching up with my enormous pile of correspondence. The house is too quiet, and even though it's been warm and cozy and busy for the past while, last night it felt a little chilly. I guess if I was looking for a movie to warm up the house and keep me company, a Godard movie might not have been the most informed choice, but I do enjoy the way that I only have to devote about 30% of my attention to that type of film at any given time. You look up once and people are talking vacantly about art or about new beauty projects; you look up again and there's a pile of guns and two corpses in a flaming car. It's a pretty satisfying narrative arc. Plus, I really love all the close-ups of quad-ruled paper and neat cursive handwriting.

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