Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Toothpick supports make for clever retorts

Lots of good things are happening. Working backwards (chronologically):
A new little nephew has arrived (this makes five nephews).
When I got back from Thanksgiving break, Dana had left a sweet bicycle pump on my porch for me. Hooray!
Kasha recently sent me this--a picture of a plush crab with a clown head. She said it reminded her of me. Which I consider a huge compliment.


Jill said...

Is that a toy for children? If so, you should get it for your new newphew.

w. leavitt said...

did she pick this up in Maryland, do you think?

Holly said...

glad to hear that little Ryan made it safely into the that mom, dad and baby are doing well..auntie M too!

kasha said...

i remember stopping at gas stations on a road trip once years ago to look for a t-shirt for you that said "i have crabs" - i don't remember if the shirt really existed or it was a fantasy. it wasn't the RTOTC, but the comment about maryland reminded me. also, i saw a sign today that said "give the simple gift" and i heard you singing your shaker song in my head. and one other thing, marty and i left a phone message for his niece yesterday alternating words and it made me want to try to sing "like a prayer" like we used to. i guess what i'm saying is i miss you.