Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It's how we know we've been there for a long time

On Saturday night after watching Slumdog Millionaire, which I really enjoyed, I climbed into bed, but found that I wasn't especially tired. The light on my bedside table (well, you could hardly call it a table) was still on, and before I knew it, I'd spent about 45 minutes lazily making shadow puppets against the wall. Perhaps that's the payoff for not having hung anything on my walls yet after three months.
Although I'm by no means a shadow puppet expert--quite the contrary, in fact--here are some of my favorites:

Unknown creature (if you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise it looks like the back half of the loch ness monster).

A bunny.

This one is probably my favorite. He looks like a mischievous cartoon man, possibly from the 1950s.

This last little fellow also reminds me of a figuration in one of my favorite movies, Oskar Fischinger's Seelische Konstruktionen (Spiritual Constructions) (1927). It is thankfully still online. Used to be on youtube but now I couldn't find it. Liquid Liquid also used it for their music video for Cavern.


Holly said...

maybe you have too much time on your hands...literaly!!

Holly said...

i meant literally...

w. leavitt said...

i certainly enjoy liquid liquid. i'll have to check out that vid.