Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Grade-A Glade

On Friday evening DS had the library types over to his radical house for homemade pizza. I was happy to be invited, considering that I'm only an honorary member of their department these days. He was drying a bunch of persimmons for hoshigaki, and they were hanging in dense clusters on a wooden laundry rack. DS is also in the process of remodeling his backyard. Recently, as they were excavating his old foundation, one of the workers discovered a very tiny glass vial that has the letters S and B on it. We all took some time speculating as to what it was--perhaps an old hotel soap? A pharmacy bottle? It is an amazing treasure. Later, just as I was leaving, they fired up the old Victrola, which made me very happy.


a.c.t. said...

Did I tell you about the albums of Victrola records I found in a box on the sidewalk near Jeff's house over the summer?

la_sale_bete said...

uh, no! do tell!

Emilie said...

basically, i am inviting you over. we can do cool stuff. meow.