Monday, November 10, 2008

A crutch and a crenshaw

This past weekend turned out very well. In addition to a reasonable amount of work, I can actually say that I really took advantage of the lovely place that I live in, which doesn't always happen. More often than not, Saturdays that are initially meant to balance work and play end up being about 75% work, and then 25% naps. While naps are nice, it seems silly not to leave my house given that it's warm and sunny all year round, and the ocean is so close that it whistles my name every time I step out onto the porch. This weekend, however, I managed to have a great time, indoors and out. Delights included: a luxurious bike ride around the town, a fantastic skateboarding odyssey (during which I took a spectacular spill, but am recovering), and an adventurous beach walk that sent us clambering about on some slippery boulders. I also had time to make a new drawing, to watch a little Gossip Girl, and to dream of inhabiting a ghostly cabin in rural Vermont. My bed in the [dream] cabin was fashioned from an old 1950s refrigerator, and the doormat out front was conspicuously absent. I don't know what the dream dictionary would have to say about that.


Jill said...

I want the ocean waves to whisper my name too! I love climbing slippery rocks.
As far as your dream is concerned, I've got no comment.

JHS said...

Oh, no need to wonder, I consulted it.

Cabin: rest & relaxation is needed.

Fridge: lack of warmth and affection.

Perhaps in need of a bunnyhug?