Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Absolutely Clippered

Well, this week has been a strange one, indeed. Public transit was hampered on Monday when a gun-wielding maniac in a ski mask cavorted about on a freeway overpass waving an American flag and ranting. At one point, he requested an Obama/Biden sign, which was brought to him via one of those bomb squad robots. On Tuesday, the [national] election results excited me, while the [local] ones left me appalled. And on Wednesday, I made a little animation. Rudimentary at best, but a nice counterpoint to an evening of reading.


Jill said...

Nothing like a little animation to make a person feel better after a bad week. Watching it was delightful!

JHS said...

i watched first thing in the morning like you said. love it.

Emilie said...

such organic movement my dear. je suis impressionée.