Monday, October 20, 2008

Who will be addicted to my cargo?

On Saturday whilst studying at the coffee shop, I looked up to see a woman ordering at the counter on her segway. Lurking about eight inches above everyone else, the woman lurched up to the counter, requested a coffee, then mechanically hurtled backward to wait for her order to be prepared. She was dressed in a workout suit and the little plastic tray on her segway had two apples on it. The strangest part was that nobody really seemed to think it was weird that she'd driven (ridden?) the segway into the shop and was tottering about on it, going to the table with the straws and sugar packets on it, wheeling over to the garbage can. The woman next to me at least looked and marveled "how does she get her thighs so toned if she's always riding that thing?" but other than, that people seemed to find it reasonable enough. After getting her coffee, the woman whirred out the door. Frankly, I was surprised the wheels fit through the doorway.

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Jill said...

What is this world coming too? Can't even get coffee without riding on something?