Friday, October 03, 2008

Not too late and not too early

One of the summer's greatest pleasures was weekend brunch. There was a variety of great places within walking distance of the house in Brooklyn. Even though I don't think too many New Yorkers read this, (and if they did, they'd likely know these places anyway), here's a little list, just in case:

Harefield Road: This one was by far the favorite. They've got a prefix menu with many delicious options (I love the huevos rancheros), a fast and efficient set up, and there's always a fine mixture of folks bumbling in at around noon. Apparently, says this website, it's a tavern at night, but I've only seen it in the light of day. It's some sight, though.

Moto: A++ for ambiance. A tiny old triangular corner store right under the JMZ, creaking out music from another era, with decor to match. Decades and decades of marvelous stories lie dormant in the dirt between the floorboards. A wonderful place to get lost in your imagination. (The website has great pictures).

Peter's Since 1969: A former butcher shop, this place boasts an array of delicious breakfast skillets and other delicious Israeli-French fare. There is a mysterious looking little evergreen tree out back by the picnic tables. Lovely.


sophan said...

i haven't done many boards, but i would like to.

i enjoy reading your blog.
thanks for dropping by.


Jill said...

Ahhhhh New York! So many great places to eat and visit. I wish I lived there!

Anonymous said...

Moto is right off the JMZ Broadway stop, right? Near Tim's old place? I regret not stopping in now...putting that on the todo list.