Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday footwear round-up

1. On my way to register to vote this morning, I saw a little boy wearing green and brown cowboy boots. They were a bit cumbersome on him (kids today are not so accustomed to wearing cowboy boots) and he tripped along the sidewalk. He was holding his dad's hand with his right paw, and with his left, he was wildly swinging a white plastic toy gun. I didn't even know they still made toy guns. But with the coloring on this one, there was no mistaking it for a real one.

2. A few blocks down, a big bus of tourists was unloading in front of the courthouse. A slow, zombie-like line of geriatrics ambled out, fumbling for their camcorders. They all began taping the grand entranceway of the courthouse and I wondered: who watches their videos of vacations? It would make me really motion sick. One of the men was wearing a pair of beige socks which each said "AFRICA" and featured an outline drawing of the continent with a ring of illustrated elephants parading around the ankle.

3. When I got to class, my professor was wearing black sneakers with skulls on them. This sight reaffirmed to me that I am on the right career track.


Emilie said...

these descriptions of footwear make me want to lick you.

Jill said...

When you go to buy new socks (on your wish list) make sure that you get a pair of the Africa socks. When you get new shoes (on your wish list) consider getting some with skulls instead of plain white.
Wearing the two together would be delightful!