Monday, October 13, 2008

Gigante Pimente

A wonderful weekend in Los Angeles, which is not over quite yet. A group of us went to the Getty Research Institute high up in the hills. It is really the kind of place that you only think would exist in your imagination, conjured only under the very best circumstances for imagining. We got to see all sorts of fantastic optical toys, including a Kinora--an ingenious home movie machine from the turn of the 20th century:

And we all took turns gazing into a camera obscura, which was an amazing little activity. I never really understood how they worked until that day. They produce such clear images:

In addition to the old treasures, there was a trip to the dog park, with a pair of semi-spirited creatures (Sprout and Matilda), who were pleasant enough to one another, although not best friends forever just yet. A failed attempt at going bowling gave way to approximately four hours of television-viewing, which I can--at the moment--write off as homework. What luck.

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