Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Getting ready for a tubercular theme

School is rapidly building momentum, snowballing into a flurry of books and papers. On Saturday some of us drove out to the country to bask in agricultural tranquility. We visited a lavender farm, which, with its rows of squat, curvy plants waving in the breeze looked like some sort of Moomin village. It smelled really nice, but not nice enough for me to drop $20 on shampoo for the dog. It was nice to feel the sun and have some last moments of leisure time with pals.

To celebrate the first Monday of class, several of our group went to see Beach House perform, which was very lovely indeed. I'm not always an enormous fan of live music--even of groups that I really like. There are lots of little things that tend to detract from my enjoyment at shows. But sometimes it works out really well, and in this case, Beach House sure sounded great. Some friends arrived several hours early and staked out a couch, so we got to sit and listen--an ideal situation.

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