Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The chipped nose on the statue was a telltale sign

On my way to the pumpkin patch, I stopped by the corner store to buy a Squirt, which has recently become somewhat of a favorite. I was listening to a New Yorker podcast in which Richard Ford read a story called "Reunion" by John Cheever. In the story, a man meets his estranged father for a drink while passing through grand central station. They go to a series of restaurants and at each one, they attempt to order Beefeater gibsons, but the father is so rude that they get thrown out each time. It's a really good story, and apparently short--around 1000 words. What inspiration. As I walked, I noticed a trio of noisy black birds sitting on a telephone wire. Then I looked to the road and saw a man on a moped towing a man on a skateboard. The skateboarder was clutching the moped driver's shoulder with one hand and hanging onto a ukulele with his other. It looked terribly unsafe but terribly fun.

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Jill said...

Ahh, the things you notice. So wonderfully odd. I've got to start looking around more.