Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Winding two ways, the cogs reach their snapping point

Labor Day weekend has come and gone already, and there are still so many adventures that need to happen. This weekend Sprout met a dog named Margaux at the beauty salon. Margaux is cute and looks like a fox. She is demure and her nails are painted pink. Sprout sniffed Margaux's butt--a real sign of progress, considering how scared she typically is of other dogs--but when Margaux went to sniff Sprout's, Sprout leapt onto a seat, surprising several onlookers. Margaux shot us a really mean/sad glance. Sprout's improving in baby steps, I suppose. We walked to Tompkins Square Park and I read a little bit of a book I probably won't finish for awhile. After the beauty salon we went with Jordan to get her favorite cupcakes at Sweet Sunshine, which was inexplicably--and sadly--closed. Instead we went to Teany and sat out front, listening to everyone mumble about it as they walked by: "that's the place that Moby owns." I don't know if that is true anymore or not. Still in search of something sweet, we walked to the famed 16 Handles on Second, and ate every kind of fro-yo imaginable. I made Dal for dinner, and used a red pepper instead of a green one and added zucchini. It was actually pretty delicious, though the rice didn't come out quite right. We also saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona at BAM, which was a good end-of-summer movie. Labor Day brought with it an old pal from school in California, who is momentarily awol from school and possibly work, traveling and living it up. By coincidence, we encountered another Californian acquaintance in the street, nearly 3000 miles from any context in which his appearance would seem typical. Funny alignments, but sad reminders that the magical nip of fall in the air here is only going to give way to a long haul back west, where the books are waiting in angry stacks and the seersuckers have to remain packed and folded up in a box for a whole other season.


Jill said...

I admire you dedication to your studies. I would be trying so hard to find and excuse to never leave New York!

kasha said...

i see you're starting to dabble in the cooking blog realm... ah huh huh (imagine that in a french accent). i love it. do you really own anything seersucker? i want photographic evidence.

la_sale_bete said...

Oh, I've got a great pair of seersucker shorts (which feature prominently in my post dated August 16th). Picture me wearing them with a saucy French accent! I'm a terrible cook, but I sometimes try anyway.