Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rhinestone soldiers busted for manatee striptease

The last few days (part 2):
The weather turned summer-y again, much to my chagrin, and we dripped around the Lower East Side for the annual pickle festival, which was somewhat a bust. We did get pickles (though on Essex St., not Orchard), then went for cupcakes at Sweet Sunshine and some folks grabbed food at a Turkish place (where Stiggy inexplicably got soup in the 90 degree weather). Shortly thereafter, I was kicked out of Russ and Daughters for no reason by the ridiculously rude proprietor who loved telling me how much everything would cost if I broke it. He is a real jerkface galore. The sweltering afternoon gave way to a wonderful dinner at Jimmy's Diner in Brooklyn. The next day, it was one last lunch (grilled cheese) at Phoebe's, another jaunt to the park with Sproutie-Poo, and the realization that my skateboard is too long to fit into my luggage. The last night: the big premiere screening of Lover's Dawn, which was great, and in which I got a credit as "additional writer." Awesome. So many good times this summer that my heart-air bearloon grew and grew to capacity and then grew some more.


JHS said...

yay heart air bear loon!

emilie said...

yay marni. do you have fake windows too?

Jill said...

Don't let that supreme jerkface in the store let the air out of your heart air bearloon!