Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clacking antlers and willow mustaches

The last few days (part 1):
Oh, the last few days have been a marvelous cacophony of fun and sorrow (the latter in anticipation of the impending solitude and work schedule). There's no good systematic way to start and finish an account of recent events, and any attempt at a comprehensive list will undoubtedly leave out many of the best moments. Nevertheless, here are a few highlights to hang onto for a spell: Friday was my last day of work--the education department all took me out for pizza at Napoli. Later, a bunch of us went bowling for Ursula's birthday at Chelsea Piers, which was super fun. Bowling is one of those activities that newly-made New Yorkers forget about, then after a year or so, realize they've missed it. I've heard horror stories of bowling in Manhattan, where each person just plays and plays and ends up having to pay $80 each, but it wasn't so severe, thankfully. Here's a picture of the two lanes we dominated for two hours:

Over the weekend, we had one more brunch at our favorite neighborhood spot, Hare Field Road (more on the summer's brunch adventures to come). Sprout got to go to the dog run at Cooper Park, which she responds to a little bit better. She's still not much of a social butterfly. Dinner at Stiggy's was divine. Delicious pasta and tomatoes and great company. We played several rounds of Bananagrams, and I demonstrated my complete ineptitude for word games. Nearing midnight, Olga's housewarming party was still in full swing some 60 blocks to the south, which made for a fun stop. Walking to the train that night, I realized I only had a few more days left. But I still managed to get in a lot of good times and great oldies before departing.


Jill said...

My mom took the boys bowling the other day and Jonathan got a strike two lanes over. Maybe he's ready to take the bowling alleys of New York!
Hope your last few days in the city are perfect.

Em said...

Happy to hear I'm not the only one who's memorable highlights consist of lots of food.... and that I'm not the only one who disappoints in word-associated games. Why is that?

la_sale_bete said...

Food memories are the best kind! Oh, city of dreams.