Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bitter Jitters

Tomorrow is the first day of school -- eek! I'm so nervous. All the photocopies are made, and I've practiced the names on the role, but I don't have an outfit picked out. At this point in the laundry cycle, none of my clothes are 100% clean, but some are much cleaner than others. I wanted to wear one with a collar, to establish my position as role model, but I don't know...Cross your fingers for me please.

I found this amazing collection of superballs the other day. Glorious.


w. leavitt said...

i'm just imagining what i'd do if i had all those superballs.

Jill said...

Definitely go with the collar, being a role model is very important in your position.
Cool Superballs! It makes me want to start a collection of....something.