Thursday, September 11, 2008

Apparatus for a Prosperous Yesteryear

Last night Maggie invited some of us from the Museum over for a nice get-together on her rooftop in Queens to enjoy the fleeting good weather. The sun went down and we occasionally saw sparks fly from under the elevated NRW trains as they passed. We played an increasingly fun [and increasingly loud] game of Taboo, squinting at the words on the cards in the poor light. I suspect the next such get-together at which we'll all be assembled will see us with dripping boots and itchy sweaters, which will be delightful in its own way, but last night seemed to me a special alignment of people, place, and time.


Jill said...

You have the life girl!

w. leavitt said...

Taboo? I didn't think you were into that kind of thing.