Thursday, August 07, 2008

Textile Reconcilation Treaty of 1646

____ recently had an experience during which he momentarily believed he could be at peace with death. Closer to home, my neighborhood has been patrolled by a menacing platoon of pre-adolescent boys brandishing large squirt guns filled with Lord only knows what. These are the same boys who are seen playing kickball on the corner. Quaint enough, until you approach them and discover that they've all got mouths like sailors and mean streaks that go on for miles. They laugh when the ball clatters into the fire escape and threaten to break the windows with their home run kicks. When I lived in Prospect Heights, it was being overrun by a pretty frightful girl gang, and it looks like these guys--with their neon orange and green artillery--are going to be equally troublesome. On the train this morning, a man was reading a newspaper. The back of it featured an advertisement and coupon for plastic surgery. The coupon was good for "$1500 your next visit." Nearby on Union St, a storefront features a sign that reads: "Coming Soon: Psychic."


w. leavitt said...

this feels a bit like a scene from a science fiction. i've read it several times and loved it each and every.

emilie said...

me too.