Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kurb-o-tronic Kitten Dialogues

Went to a little intern soiree at the Wonderland collective, where I sat on the outdoor patio in an orange chair I'd retrieved from a dumpster years ago, which has since been used as a desk chair there, and most recently as outdoor seating. There is a marvelous brick smokestack on the patio. As the sun was going down, there was an electrical storm out by LaGuardia--bright bursts of lightning were seen against the clouds. One fellow, evidently under the influence of some pharmaceutical, twirled fire while onlookers watched with interest/fear, and we watched some films the interns made, including the first half of a wonderful little short about Rip Van Winkle and a family of hereditary hypnotists. Sprout came along on the 1.5 hour train ride, sitting in my messenger bag like a little papoose. On Friday, James and I ate at Westville East, and were caught in a sudden downpour around 11th and 1st. We sought shelter under the awning of an organic smoothie place.

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