Monday, August 25, 2008

It's got legs, and a peculiar sheen

Well, legs two, three, and four of the great Northwest adventure have gone by awfully quickly, and a lot of really nice things have happened. Hanging out with the folks in the Northern panhandle. Noodles and the Muzz were visiting from Tokyo, which guaranteed an extra fun time. Then it was off to Portland to see Cho and the gaggle, who are reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8 at mealtimes and are as boisterous as always. The new Bartholomew and Leopold tale (Mystery at Monkey Cove), was met with generally positive reviews, and I got to go downtown to get pizza with Alex and Stacia--a great convergence of chums. On Saturday I went to Forest Park with Cho and the gang for a superb little walk, then to Sauvie Island to squeeze all the fruits. Yesterday I was on a bus down to Eugene (an Asian man slept on me for much of the way) and then by car to the deep forest of Florence. Today we visited a cluster of cabins on the Umpqua, dipped our toes in, then went for fish and chips, to see the Umpqua lighthouse, and made two runs to the Sugar Shack. Fun. Fun. Fun.


Jill said...

Ah, to travel unencumbered! So many adventures you're having. I mean, the Sugar Shack! How great is that? Have fun girl!

emilie said...

ramona quimby age 8. oh golly. she didn't have any cavities, nor did i - i really felt such an affinity for that little one round the same age. love it - thinking about that book makes me feel warm.