Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hexagon-Shaped Willow Boughs and Hardened Men with Knitted Brows

Just finished up the first leg of my journey--a brief visit to the American Southwest--a place I'd vowed never to tread. Despite the heat and a string of mysterious bug bites in the night, it was a lot of fun. The Phoenix Art Museum boasted a thankfully balanced collection (not an overload of Southwestern splash). There was a wonderful collection of miniature rooms, which reminded me of The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, and I got to see Cornelia Parker's Mass (Colder Darker Matter), which I'd read about at NYU. To beat the city heat, we drove out to Sedona for an afternoon and waited patiently as the storm clouds billowed in. They never quite made it, though, so we abandoned our vigil to take a brief jaunt to Oak Creek and get a view of Cathedral Rock. Sitting on the rocks and lazing by the water was the most productive thing I did all day. On the way out to the country, we stopped at a Taco Bell, which was managed by a geriatric woman named Brenda Light. She was slumped over at the register, her purple visor veiling her face, and snoring softly. When I approached, she started awake and apathetically (unapologetically) shrugged, saying "oh, you know how it is..." I could sympathize with her. I'm on vacation, after all.


Jill said...

If Brenda was the one taking orders, I'd hate to see the one who cooked your tacos!

la_sale_bete said...

ha ha! good point, though i guess that's what you get at Taco Bell!