Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Are you me? I'm wearing my special fighting top

We went to Brooklyn Flea this past weekend, which was a satisfying blend of old treasures and crafts. There was a magic lantern slide depicting an arctic exploration and great old photographs and bottles of buttons. The best find there was Coral and Tusk--beautiful nautical-themed embroidery. Nearby, we came across a Victorian house having an antique sale, filled with interesting old things. DisneyWorld tickets from the 1970s, a whole rack of walking canes, and an old handbag that belonged to Joan Crawford, complete with matching coin purse and certificate of authenticity. On the door there was a sign posted for an apartment for rent. The whole thing read pretty regularly, except for the ending: "Must love Halloween."


HollyHopes said...

there will be a little coralandtusk surprise for you in NOHO

Jill said...

I love Halloween. Can I live there?

plumpdumpling said...

Listen, if I'm going to keep up with this thing in my Google Reader, I'm going to need you to RSS the entire post and not just the first few lines. Please figure it out and get back to me A-sap.