Monday, August 18, 2008

Arduous Nights for the Lacemakers

Whenever I'm home on vacation, I undertake one or two projects as a way to spend my leisure time. Sometimes I try to make it a philanthropic endeavor, writing a short story or drawing pictures for my nephews, and sometimes it's more for myself, like when I scanned in my awesome collection of envelopes last summer. Two winters ago, when Noodles was pregnant with nephew number four, she requested an alphabet poster, which I happily made (and subsequently reproduced for nephews one through three). At the time (to heighten the Christmas surprise), I didn't put the images on flickr, and just now--this very night--I got around to doing it. So they're there (in the "drawings" set), if you want to take a look. Hooray for down time to draw!


Jordan said...

i love them all, even the letter F

Jill said...

How do I get my hands on of one of your posters? Do I have to be a nephew? LOVE IT! Maybe your art would be the trick to the twins finally learning the alphabet. Thank you so much for the nice card you sent. It made my whole day today. So happy to here that stories are on the way. After looking at your poster art, I'm hoping the stories are illustrated!Thanks for thinking of me, we miss you.

emilie said...

meredith. i remember the inception of this dear project and it made me do a little grimace of wishing i could sit on the dentist couch and gaze over at you in your chair by your computer. i miss you.