Friday, July 25, 2008

Curatorial Acquaintances

I have been reading Laszlo Krasznahorkai's The Melancholy of Resistance for the past little while. The book grabbed my interest initially a couple of years ago as a footnote in John Scanlan's On Garbage, and it resurfaced when I realized that Bela Tarr's amazingly atmospheric film The Werkmeister Harmonies is based on it. It's been a toughy to get through, as there are no paragraph breaks in the whole thing--each sentence, each character statement just cascades into the next. The sentences are, on average, between 150 and 200 words in length. But its strongest characteristic is not its plot (though a whole town concerned with a mysterious taxidermied whale is a pretty great tale to tell) but with the mood it sets. Lots of details. Lots of descriptions of garbage. It's great.

The weather was excellent during a midnight walk a couple of nights ago. The air was slightly cooler and misty, and every few seconds a burst of thunderless lightning flashed up in the fog. The dog, who is ordinarily petrified of the dark anyway, was particularly cautious as she trip trapped down the sidewalk. We were jokingly discussing how Gotham City must be surely some sort of allegory for Detroit, because New York is no longer a dark and dangerous place, when we rounded the bend to happen upon a cop that had a dude smashed up over the side of his car, hands behind his back getting frisked. The spinning lights on the top of the patrol car reflected on the clouds much like the bursts of lightning.


HollyHopes said...

i dunno - the biggest challenge to me in reading your blog (which i totally enjoy) is making sure i type in the word verification thingy ma jigger correctly...also - i often feel quite dumb and out of touch with the stuff you are discussing but love it and adore it - i am most likely the only person over 30, mmm...40...mmm 50 reading your bloggie

emilie said...

meri. i want to go on the midnight walk with you, or otherwise be that other guy. (you know how pop culture has glorified the cop/handcuffed struggle).

i miss you. what about a weekend chez moi? a research trip. hola.

also, please send your address in ny...postcard stamped. bisous ma belle.