Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Array of Fine Snacks Leaving Herringbone Tracks

Several wonderful things to report.
Week 1 of teaching video games finished up well. The kids all gave nice presentations and showcased their work. Pizza Man turned out to be a hit.
Went to the new Tretorn store in SoHo. It felt like I was in Sweden! Just kidding, it felt like I was in a blonde wood-paneled store decorated with kayaks and tennis balls. But they had all the nice shoes and I bought a pair. Woo hoo.
On Friday we saw The X-Files movie, I Want to Believe, which was totally great. The crowd was comprised of about 27 lackluster 20 somethings, most of whom seemed to have been fans of the show, but not crazy fans who were getting really into it, but more like mildly, perhaps morbidly curious folks. I'm happy to report that the movie surpassed the expectations established by all the crappy reviews, and was actually really fun. We all love seeing Mulder and Scully together at last with all their quirks, and the movie provided about the equivalent amount of excitement and enjoyment as the show ever did. Which is all one could really ask for.
On Saturday, Ned celebrated his golden birthday--he turned 26 on the 26th! To celebrate, we trekked out to Coney Island and ate delicious pizza at Totonno's, and then rode the rides. Perhaps my day would have been more successful if I'd ridden and then eaten, but it all worked out okay. We went on the creaky old Wonder Wheel, and then the world-famous Cyclone (which is quite a zippy adventure) and then I braved the barf-inducing Break Dance with Ned. It was super fun, until it stopped and my addled brain slowed down, and then I felt oh so queasy.
As I write this, we eagerly await the arrival of our guests, who are coming to celebrate Sprout's society debut. She's freshly bathed and clipped and clad in a blue gingham neckerchief. Once she's introduced around, she'll just be one of the regular social set and we'll no longer need to fuss over her so much, since she'll be able to get her own invitations to goings on around town.

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w. leavitt said...

i'm glad to hear you're living it up in nyc. sounds like a real dtc.