Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Act II, in which someone absconds with grandmother's clapper and the sisters in law haven't been spotted in over an hour

This summer is shaping up to be grand, indeed, much like summertime when you're a kid and you don't have a care in the world. This weekend I ran around outside all day with the abandonment of a 10 year old. Lazed around the park. Rode my new skateboard around the dead ends by the water in an attempt to find my footing. We discovered two momentarily unused concrete baseball diamonds, which made an excellent practice place for my slow-to-reawaken skateboarding skills.

And the best discovery of all: Sprout is a dog! She actually has all sorts of dog instincts that make her exceptionally endearing. She loves to chase me around on my skateboard on the aforementioned chunk of concrete, and in the park, she wriggles around on her back in the grass, snurfing and snarfing as she goes. Today in the park, we were suddenly overtaken by three overbearing Polish children all set to lavish their attentions on her and tug at her leash. Not only did Sprout endure their pokings and proddings and the many unintelligible Polish things they said to her, but she actually seemed to revel in it. Good dog.

Evenings this summer are great, too. A fair amount of cooking, ice cream consumption, and sometimes a movie. On Saturday night, we saw Werner Herzog Takes Antarctica, which was pretty good. Who knew there were so many prehistoric sea creatures lurking beneath the ice?

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HollyHopes said...

i love reading everything you write - you are so talented and make me laugh out loud at times...keep blogging - every day, please!!