Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two days into summer break (and already Chlo much fun)

A drawing contest (I drew some dogs sitting at the pool with a dog lifeguard)
Back and forth on the crosstown bus (and ran into an old colleague)
Sitting on the roof deck of the Met looking at the magnificent view and Jeff Koons' enormous balloon animal sculptures
Soup night at Jamie's: outstanding cucumber avocado soup (served cold) and ice cream with homemade toppings
Brunch on the patio at Harefield Road (requiring a constant re-negotiation of umbrellas to keep in the shade)
Melanie had a bake sale for Barack Obama underneath the elevated train tracks: I ate two peanut butter cookies and got a brownie and a rice krispies treat for later
The ballet: It was The Sleeping Beauty, which was pretty much perfect, save for some confusion over who two of the dancers were, and for a squeaky spotlight that sounded like a cat meowing every time it swung around
More adventures on the horizon...

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