Monday, May 26, 2008

Miraculous details in minuscule seashells

Just back from another tour de force through the City of Dreams, where it was warm enough to promenade along busy streets, and optimism beamed off of every lamppost and mailbox in sight. The weekend was speckled with engaging obligations (talking about garbage, listening about cookery), though the fun times overwhelmed the official duties by a long shot. An attempt to eat at Grimaldi's was thwarted by hoards of tourists--literally busloads of them, which led us to a wonderful odyssey through Brooklyn Heights and later, after ice cream and an imagined run-in with a crazy man, a glorious walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was aglow with innumerable lights (each guarded by a menacing electrician), all blinking in recognition of the hulking structure's 125th anniversary. Highly unlikely social sets converged under the shimmering sequined camel at enid's, and it was peculiar and special to return to the Bavarian end-of-the-line in Astoria to find that it'd become such a hotspot, young professionals jockeying for picnic tables with a renewed fervor that can only come in springtime. This weekend also featured a very special set of pre-birthday/pseudo-birthday activities: a majestic brunch at Moto transported us (Walter & Meg style) back to a France filled with wooden teeth and scratchy knee-socks, an overpowering ginger ale and a leisurely browse through Spoonbill and Sugartown was followed by a great time at the moving picture show, and some beautiful buttons were lovingly selected for my burgeoning collection. And now, after this brief preview of summer, I'm back across the country, hard at work under the shade of other trees, very pleased indeed.

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