Sunday, March 30, 2008

Yes--In a bear costume, but where are the eyes?

The city of dreams was full of its signature delights. I got to revisit some of the best of the old stomping grounds (again), and added a few new classics to the mix, too. Instead of feeling the strongest surge of nostalgia amidst all the hustle and bustle, though, I felt most at home in the quieter moments when there wasn't much of anything going on. Deliberations about dinner plans, a bundled up old woman walking home with her bags in a creaky old pushcart at the end of the day, the quality of sunlight on white walls, hissing radiators, the memory foam's impeccable memory (and hilarious tendency to drift). Sure I like to jockey for position in front of the subway doors, and I loved the detours taken to avoid the Barack Obama-related traffic, but in addition to having fun while doing something, the most fun I had was in the moments spent doing nothing. It's a pretty deep concept that I'm not quite sure I fully understand yet: sometimes not-tooting becomes tooting.
When I got home, all was the same as usual, except that I noticed the bathroom sink was here:
Alas, such a sight isn't particularly uncommon in this big, funny house. Once the Barbie on the crucifix surrounded by mardi gras beads (this is one of the most eclectic pieces of decor) was missing from the wall. I found it later in the bathtub. Once the toilet seat in the downstairs bathroom was nowhere to be seen, until I spied it upstairs, peeping out of an overflowing wardrobe. So seeing the sink outside was fine enough, until I saw the bathroom, which looked like this:
Apparently, the owner of this house is undertaking quite a renovation, which makes me wish I'd have been around to photograph the bathroom in all its bizarre, aquatic-painted glory before it was demolished. I'm sure the new bathroom will acquire a personality very quickly too, though.

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