Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Gaggle, a Swaggle, a Snurdle, a Stew

Ah, dead week at the university. The past few days have been spent blissfully grading, pulling last-minute papers together, hanging out with pals at the culmination of class, and trying on robes. In the midst of all this, perhaps as an intentional distraction, a group of us have stumbled upon our dream home. We've been rushing around trying to find our favorite people to populate each delightful bedroom, and dividing the rent up in myriad ways, and figuring that we'll save so much by not having to heat/air condition/use water or electricity. It's a long shot, but maybe it'll all come to fruition if my fingers remain crossed long enough. Amidst the potential moving excitement and remaining school work, there have been so many other lovely happenings: a visit to this modest city's most immodest Art Museum, which has a lovely exhibition of children's book illustrations, and a massage involving the placement of hot and cold stones between the toes. I was caught in a near-fatal sandstorm on the beach while frolicking with the best dog ever, and spied the town's wonderful vistas from a new balcony. And now it's off to the city of dreams, for more urban delights. Palm trees for bricks--it's a wonderful trade at this time of year.

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Em said...

you make me feel very nearly homesick for some fabulous freedom to roam and be in charge of nobody but myself. But then, I like where I am just as well. Will cross my fingers with you though.