Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bilking, Blinking, Hardly Thinking

My recent return to the city of dreams proved relaxing, exciting, wonderous. Even the small details--cold weather, hissing radiators, little high-ceilinged rooms--warmed my heart, as did the company, obviously. I managed to fit a lot in over one weekend--visiting the new New Museum, which looks like a giant mod wedding cake, and currently displays few pieces of interest, save for a cluster of old buoys suspended from the ceiling, and a rainbow-shaped stack of chairs held together by wooden pegs. There was plenty there that I loudly proclaimed was not art. Soup night was delicious and full of good company, and a visit back to BAM and the old Smoke Joint was totally enchanting. Good pizza, good pals--some of my favorite things. It was hard to go back to California, where not much is going on--perpetual anxieties about optical toys, warm weather with not quite enough time to enjoy it, etc. The South Coast Deli opened down the block. Their grilled cheese is delicious. If you are asking whether I have anything more exciting to write about than a sandwich, the answer is no.

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