Monday, November 12, 2007


This week Kitty sent me a most extraordinary package. Here is the inventory, which is some indication of how great it was:

So obviously these days updating the old collision hasn't been the very first of my priorities, and ordinarily I'd do a quick rundown, but sadly, these days, there isn't an awful lot to run down. We've got:
1) The relentless slave-ship drum of the quarter system. Post-midterm taking has transitioned to post-midterm grading. Time marches on (and my duties accelerate and multiply each day).
2) I made a great trip into the allosphere, and subsequently, into one of the MAT professor's brains.
3) A couple of chances to eat nice food with nice people.
4) The Southern California simulation of autumn, which is actually pretty enchanting.
5) The students for whom I TA are watching The Passion of Joan of Arc this week, so all is right with the world after weeks and weeks of somewhat intolerable American shorts.
Much of my life has been reduced to list-making. Do not be surprised or alarmed if this is what you receive in the mail from me in lieu of a letter. Consider it a gross attempt at Haiku.

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