Saturday, October 20, 2007


My triumphs and exploits as of late have included the following:

1) an increasingly intimate relationship with the archeophone, which, each Tuesday afternoon, treats me to a host of aural treasures from roughly 1902-1929. Some of these recordings, I'm sure, haven't been listened to in decades. There was a wonderful rendition of the Mikado (which reminded me so much of Foul Play), and a fantastic banjo/harmonica duo.

2) a dream in which I was strategically plotting a scavenger hunt to be navigated by my former piano teacher's (circa 1991) dog. In my process of clue-setting, my former piano teacher frantically approached me saying: "you don't know how to flicker right! all you have to do is--" and then I woke up. I will never know what she meant, though in my dream, it was understood that "flickering" had something to do with the cinema, which is disconcerting enough.

3) a brand new (Frankensteinian) bicycle, comprised of a slightly-too-big black frame, something that rattles around the handlebars, and only a front break. The inability to coast is both scary and thrilling, though I hope I will learn how to stop a little more gracefully soon.

4) hundreds of pages of books about all sorts of complicated things that are at once irrelevant and the most relevant topics for years to come. These books take hours to read, and are peppered with completely unintelligible diagrams such as this one:

I guess this is what's meant by "learning."


Cho said...

Got linky to the banjo/harmonic duo? The Mikado rendition might be fun too (who doesn't love "Foul Play"?

S said...

Just so you know, that diagram is plans for The Bomb. Make sure that doesn't fall into the wrong hands...