Friday, September 21, 2007


This morning Noodles, Ruby, and the Muzz drove up from LA and we drove to the beach. It was blustery and fresh-feeling and wonderful, and Muzz's first encounter with the ocean. He was really into the sand and wanting to play with this half-rotten crab carcass. I guess who could blame him for being excited? And now I'm mostly de-sanded, nestled in my tiny, triangular room, which is just large enough to live in, but not large enough for much else. I listened to the rain on the roof all afternoon. Tucked in under a steeply-pitched gable, its slope makes the space relatively inflexible, but it's cosy and has a monastic flare to it that makes me (perhaps naively) think that I'll get a lot of work done here. When I first arrived, the little skylight was popped open and I could hear a team of about 25 men pounding away on the roof of the Flying A Boarding House next door. Sure you can only stand up straight in one little part of the room, but that's half its charm. I find I'm hitting my head on the ceiling less and less. Home sweet home.

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