Thursday, September 20, 2007


I arrived in Santa Barbara, ears a-poppin' and eyes a-blazin'. The cab driver made certain to make known his contempt for the high rent prices downtown and heaved as he wrestled my bag out of the trunk and onto the sidewalk. I left him to do it without offering to help so I could save my strength for the innumerable stairs I knew I'd have to climb. The hulking house on the corner was much as I'd left it, though, having only seen it for a few minutes the first time, I anticipated uncovering all sorts of hidden delights. The decor becomes increasingly eclectic as one moves through the house (see below) and so many tiny treasures are crammed into every corner that I expect every day to offer a discovery of some previously unnoticed little trinket high up on a shelf. It seems impossible not to burst with excitement and trepidation at the creak of every ancient floorboard.

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