Wednesday, August 01, 2007


I considered composing a cleverly-worded letter addressed to "The Rest of the Country," but my time in New York too rapidly came to a close and there wasn't even a moment to spare for that sort of thing. So here I am now saying a belated goodbye to the east coast and a timid but optimistic hello to the rest of America. For the past three years, the density of all that brick and all those people kept me feeling safe and comfortable, and now I've journeyed far away from all of that and hope that the vacant lots and the swish of the palm trees and the Pacific sand underneath my feet will keep me calm and my spirits up. I've got an approximately 6-week vacation stretching before me, and the prospect of that excites me greatly. After I tearfully departed the Big Apple, I spent a week in Santa Barbara finding a cute house to live in, maybe setting up a job, and generally figuring out how to get around there. It's a fun town and I think it's going to be a-okay. And now it's up to the old Pacific Northwest, where I can re-connect with my roots, hunt down my spirit animal, and play backgammon with it while the sun rises over the jagged peaks in the distance. Hooray. Still, it's always an adjustment. It's tough to shake the residual urban-ness that insulated me for so long.


Em said...

change is an odd duck that way.
funny how we are always so uncomfortable with it, over and over again.

la_sale_bete said...

Ho hum, you're right. But on the bright side, I'm having a great time visiting with family!

Logan said...

Woohoo! Mer-Mer makes a triumphant return to the Left Coast! As sad as I am that we never made it to the big city while you were there, I can't wait to hear about your adventures in Santa Barbara. It's an odd little town and there's a lot of fun to be had there. Enjoy the PNW, I hear they're getting a beautiful summer.