Monday, July 16, 2007


This weekend I headed upstate to Stony Brook State Park for a truly magical campout and to attend the Hill Cumorah Pageant. (There are photos on flickr). The entire trip was absolutely splendid, though every time I got into a car, I fell fast asleep. It was fun to catch up with old friends and enjoy the New Yorky nature. There were daddy long legs aplenty. On the way home, I had to take the Chinatown bus from Philadelphia. The entire system has collapsed recently. I found the ticket office boarded up with a sign saying that it had been closed by the business bureau or whatever. There were still people waiting, though, and momentarily a Chinese man appeared like a leprechan and led us several blocks through the city to a shady place where we purchased tickets and were herded into a back lot where about 100 pretty angry people (some of whom had been there for hours) awaited a bus. When one finally showed up, there was a mini riot with people clambering to get aboard. The Chinese mafia guys that run the whole system began screaming at each other. I took shelter with a nice Swedish family. The mother kept saying to me "survival of the fittest, huh?" The bus came and went and we waited for the next one. There was much pushing and angry yelling, but I squeezed on. The ride itself was "okay" until we got into New York. People angrily began demanding to be let off at every intersection and one man forced his way out while the driver slung racial slurs in his direction. Frankly, I was amazed the driver knew any English at all. The guy jumped back onto the bus as we were pulling away from the curb and began assulting the driver, causing the bus to swerve everywhere. Then the man threatened to assult everyone on the bus, but the driver booted him off. I am glad that I probably will never have to ride that bus again.

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