Thursday, May 10, 2007


I received a lovely letter from Flip. It briefly, though vividly, recounted adventures of bicycling along Mexico's coast and extolled the virtues of raising goats. Sadly, one-third of the letter, which was written on kind of a purple-looking paper, was written in a pale, mustard colored ink, rendering it virtually unreadable. The other two-thirds (written in red and black), however, were extremely comforting. Enclosed in the envelope, which was a re-appropriated (inside-outed) envelope I'd sent her, was a photocopy of a picture of this place:

I was about to write it off simply as a great picture of an inn shaped like a fish, when I see bending at the corner of the photocopy the italicized word Coeur...Could it be that this fish-shaped haven once stood somewhere in the vicinity of my hometown!? The answer is yes. And my heart breathes happily knowing that there are still so many fine secrets that are yet to be discovered.

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Logan said...

The thought of that Moby Dick-esque restaurant once gracing the shores of Lake Coeur d'Alene is very appealing to me. I'd much rather that it still existed instead of the floating green. We lose a lot when we get rid of kitsch.