Sunday, May 27, 2007


Yesterday Emile Zola and Xavier were married in a dilapidated church in Harlem, and it was really spectacular. The paint was peeling off the walls in big patches, and a substantial portion of the ceiling did not seem to be there. The minister pronounced both of their names incorrectly, referring to Emile as "Emile" (which is not her name) the entire time. I, however, have always called her Emile, so she and I found the mispronunciation particularly amusing. Probably more people in the choir cried than all of the wedding guests, but it was moving nonetheless. The choir was in top form, and a boy (probably about 9 years of age) in a basketball jersey played the drums with a special flare. After, we all had a luxurious Moroccan lunch in midtown, and then we spent the magic hours in the Sheep's Meadow in Central Park.

I hear from WCL that they've occasionally got him staying up in Yellowknife in a blue painted house with the back part burnt off. What a northern adventure!

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