Monday, April 30, 2007


This weekend I hit the open road to visit Connie in Washington, D.C. and to see old college cronies and to celebrate LD's (she's now LB) marriage. What a thrill. I even got to see madame, which is a rare treat indeed! Highlights include: loving the open road and hilly Virginia farmlands, the most amazing chocolate and waffle (in that order) breakfast imaginable, Charlie, the docile brown dog, the mind-bendingly high ceilings at Connie's house, and the simple pleasure of sitting on a couch and watching tv until I fell asleep. The wedding reception was lovely. It was in a train depot that's now an exhibition space of sorts, and every so often, a train rattled by and these two stocky kids hurried over--eyes wide--to see it go. We danced our pants off (I was actually among the only people to actually be wearing pants), and blew bubbles for probably 20 minutes straight. It was also fantastic to see Connie hustling out of there with a huge stash of tea light candles. There was nothing shady about it. We'd been invited to take as many as we wanted, yet she shuffled out with them in a hurry, and acting suspicious is always more fun than playing it cool.

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Aaron said...

You are a great writer. I love to read your posts. Hope all is going well and a big "Hi" from Utah.