Thursday, April 12, 2007

IT'S TIME TO HIT IT: 1, 2, 3!

On the subway today: a ragtag threesome climbs aboard. One man is wearing a fedora and lugs a suitcase. The second man, with a greased mustache and similarly dapper/downtrodden apparel, also totes a guitar. The girl is grungy as all get out, with a pierced septum and an inuit looking tattoo sliding down her chin. She is carrying an old-fashioned washboard, clearly the percussion of their trio. She is also the manager, and produces a sloppy pile of ones and a buttload of quarters, which she distributes evenly amongst them all.

And on another sad note: Mr. Vonnegut, whatever will we do without you? You were among the last of a beautiful breed--the charming misanthrope. The world might be just a very tiny bit nicer now, but a heck of a lot less funny. And ultimately, that's far worse.

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