Saturday, March 03, 2007


Last night even though I was exhausted and cranky as all get out, I was pursuaded to join a group at the Jackson Diner for some all you can eat Indian. Now if you haven't been to Jackson Heights, my vote is that it's worth the trek. When we got to the diner, though, we learned that the all you can eat deal was only available for lunch, at which point TS admitted that the food itself was not that great, but that the large quantities of it were. Instead we elected for the nearby Dosa Diner for some Southern Indian cuisine. Not only were we not disappointed by the food, but, three quarters of the way through our meal, the lights dimmed, the neons flickered on, and we were treated to an amazing singing and dancing fest. A man (and sometimes a woman) sang all of our favorite Bollywood hits while two or three women with very different styles interpreted the songs through dance. It was so loud that it made your teeth shake (nevermind that there were 12 people in the restaurant, including the 8 of us--they wanted to be heard). This picture doesn't at all do it justice. Believe me when I say it was spectacular and worth the trek.

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