Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Now this is improbable: this morning, on virtually the first step I took out of the house, I dunked my foot in icy cold slushy puddle. Mind you, I didn't submerge my foot in the puddle, just got the bottom of it wet. On my walk to the train, my sock irritably slipped down around my heel. For the entire rest of the day, the bottom of my foot was freezing. When I arrived home this evening, I was doing some impromptu ballet in my room, you know, to loosen up and relax after work. My radiator was hissing along merrily, and then I turned, did a graceful pirouette, and [inadvertently] positioned my foot directly above the plume of steam, scalding the top of it. So my foot assessment of the day is this: the bottom of my foot nearly froze off. The top was pretty much burnt to a crisp.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully you are just taking poetic license, and your foot is really o-k. Your Moo-Mau

la_sale_bete said...

It's mostly poetic license. My foot is 99% okay. Thanks for caring!