Thursday, February 22, 2007


On Monday to celebrate the "day off," I went to the Met to see the Glitter and Doom exhibit on its last day. It was really crowded, so one had to wait in line to see virtually every painting, and it felt strange jockeying for position and shoving people out of the way so you could catch a glimpse of portraits of men with blown up faces and hideous gaping WWI wounds and their transvestite prostitute girlfriends with their faces bursting with syphilis splotches. Of all the people I know, I'm among the least likely to be bashful about wanting to look at gross things, but still, it was quite a phenomenon to see all the hoity toities waltzing around the galleries to get a load of some of the horrors of the Weimar era. I kind of loved it.

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sean_garmire said...

Faces bursting with syphilis? eeeeeewww.