Monday, December 18, 2006


This weekend my hopes were high that I'd have something amazing to write about, namely the Wooster Collective's graffiti/street art show at 11 Spring. Alas, my report will be lacking, as I never made it inside. Here's the issue: we got there and the line was around not one block, but two! All the way around Spring St. down the Bowery, and looping around Prince St. Ridiculous. Some people waited 5 hours to get in. 5 hours! Now I'm sure it was really cool, if the outside of the building was any indication, but yowsers. When I saw the sidewalks overflowing with hip types in their ill-fitting houndstooth jackets and trucker hats askew and their floppy neon sneakers, I immediately got grumpy. Luckily, there are plenty of pictures of the event online. Maybe that's even better than actually having gone. Right? As we walked away to the ITP show, which was less crowded and likely far less spectacular (since it wasn't spectacular at all) I said that it was lame that ephemeral art like graffiti/street art was being turned into something formally exhibit-able and crowded and silly. Timatron said I was only saying it because I'd had my feelings hurt. He was right about that.


James said...

I actually walked by that line and asked a Japanese dude what he was waiting for. Why would anyone wait so long? I can't imagine these people are so obssessed with graffiti that they need to wait on line like that. Looked like art snob tools. Let's pee on an old tin can, call it art, and sell it to a rich old lady for a million dollars -- quick call my investment broker!

The good news is I went to Uni Qlo. Scoopy socks, three pairs for $10, any color.

la_sale_bete said...

I went to uni qlo too! I didn't see the snoopy socks, though. that place is weird.

James said...

I got some nice Corderoys. They're nasty vomity yellow. It's the height of fashion. The cheap socks excited me though. The pants, mysteriously, don't come up very high. I don't know if that's "sexy" styling, or because they're designed for shorties.