Monday, October 09, 2006


On Saturday I went to the Scandinavia House to see the new(ish) exhibit: FOTO: New Photography from Denmark. There were some really great images of old photographs on tombstones, lots of pictures from Gaza, some enormous pictures of fussball players, and a couple of neat camera obscura shots. Now, I don't know much about photography, and I know much less about Danish photography, but the cool/interesting thing about the show is that the only seemingly thing Danish about it was the fact that that's where many of the artists were originally from. There were a pair of photos depicting a 15-year-old boxer before and after his fight:

Ouch. It was also open house day, which meant that the gallery was free. When I first began perusing, I was alone in the space, save for a security guard sitting atop a stool by the elevators. He was singing very loudly, though I did not recognize the song. Just as I was leaving, a whole burst of people came upstairs from the floor below, where they seem to have finished a thoroughly Scandinavian-smelling meal of some sort. Outside the building, there was an enormous viking constructed out of Legos. Who wouldn't love that?


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Jimmi said...

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Kurt said...

Thanks for the tip.