Monday, September 18, 2006


On Saturday I went to the Ecotopia exhibition at ICP. There were lots of great things to see there, notably a huge, super-detailed picture taken by Clifford Ross with a camera that he fashioned himself and this wonderful gem by Christopher LaMarca:

His series "Forest Defenders" depicts at a bunch of activists going to seriously extreme measures to help save the trees from being cut down. One showed this person on a platform suspended way up in the air. The platform wasn't attached to any one tree, but by ropes to a series of trees, so if one was cut down and fell--any one--the person would fall. It seemed like a pretty neat idea to me. Although I don't think I've the conviction to hold my ground on a tree platform, I can [sadly] picture myself hermitting up there for a number of weeks refusing to come down. I can picture the crowd forming below:
MAN THROUGH MEGAPHONE: Come down! Come back to us! Choose life!
ME: Why would I? I'm up in a tree! It's glorious! When it rains, I get wet. When it's sunny I am warm. Sometimes at night a family of badgers visits me.
MAN THROUGH MEGAPHONE: What's a family of badgers compared to the human family? Come back to us; you've got responsibilities down here!
ME: Stand back! I've got to do a number two!

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sean_garmire said...

You must mean the rare Arborial Badger endemic to the east Indies. Wowza, that's a find!