Sunday, August 06, 2006


During my formative years I was extraordinarily anxious to trade in all my pine cones for bricks. Now that I've made the trade, I'm satisfied enough, though my infrequent exposure to pine cones now causes my heart to soar. Maybe someday I'll trade back. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

This past week during my excursion back to the Northwest, I was treated to a host of good times that one rarely encounters in the big city. Among them were: a lake cruise, lake swimming, a hike around Tubbs Hill, non-competitive badminton, BBQing in the backyard, visiting the ever-impressive Silver Lake Mall, eating at San Francisco Sourdough, picking blackberries, visiting the OMSI, & hiking in Forest Park. It truly was enchanting to spend some time with the family, chatting, sitting around, vigorously walking around, reading, bookmaking (the title of the book is This is Oregon), watching the newest season of Dr. Who, which is great, and waking up in a super comfortable environment where the temperature is reasonable outside and the humidity is mild to moderate at most. Three cheers for vacations!

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