Saturday, July 15, 2006


This Thursday in Prospect Park there was a Yo La Tengo concert, which was a plus amazing. They played while the projected a whole bunch of undersea documentaries by Jean Painleve. Naturally, an enormous crowd gathered for the event and from our fourth row seats, my pals and I were treated to one of the most magical shows of the summer. The films were fantastic. Painleve masterfully captured the discomfort of the seahorse giving birth and the elaborate foreplay of octopi. Here, we see a snail-like creature (the sea witch?) propelling itself in an elegant undersea ballet. My favorite was about how certain types of jellyfish self-reproduce (regenerate?), and the process was shown sped up to 400 times the speed. The music and the image together was pretty much to die for.

And yesterday I went to the international center for photography to check out their Weegee exhibition, which was really neat. There were some photographs of his early exhibitions and it was cool to see the way in which he'd juxtapose gruesome murder scenes and pictures of crowded Coney Island. It was all pretty sensational. Also there on display were the photo collages of Bauhaus artist and designer Marianne Brandt. The cut and pasted snippets all suggested an increasingly frenetic pace--the speed of the machine age. It made me want to build a robot that very instant.

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